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Sitting between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, Cairo, Illinois geographically mirrors its namesake: Cairo, Egypt.

An awareness of the ancient Egyptian myth of the afterlife subtly inhabits the piece – a narrative of salvation and beauty that exists past physical death and decay.

The town of Cairo, Illinois functions as a gateway into the spirit of the greater American Midwest.

This piece blends a variety of footage from the region – some found and some filmed – to create a non-linear exploration of Cairo and its past, pain, and promise.

Cairo, Illinois serves as an exploration and tribute to the Midwest, to the places and people I’ve always felt connected to.

Dedicated to my parents, whose practice in journalism certainly bleeds into my passion for image-making.

Made in collaboration with:
Evan Armstrong

Featuring music by:
Devin Burgenbauch
Berzilla Wallin
This Mortal Coil
Raider Klan
Dave Armstrong

Thank You:
The Cairo Public Library
Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Astra Price
James Benning
Dainius Bukauskas
Lily Yu
Cauleen Smith
David Houston
Simon Gulergun
Billy Woodberry
Ben and Will Constable
Grandma Lois
Aunt Sal
Thom Andersen

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